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Quick Blurb

Welcome to Madeline's Wardrobe - a shop full of hand-knitted lacy circular and triangular shawls, wraps, scarfs and more kni


knit, lace, yarn, crocheting, knitting

Skills and Techniques

All shawls are hand-knitted by me using mostly natural wool fibers. They are very delicate and need special care - hand-wash only in a lukewarm water, dry flat. Detailed care instructions are attached to each item.

Get to Know

My name is Madeline and I currently live and work in Cyprus. I absolutely love both of them - handmade job and the full-time one. I learnt how to knit when I was a small kid and fall in love with the lace knitting at the first sight. I'm a very stubborn person when it comes to figuring out how things work or how things should be done - same thing with lace patterns, I spent days on deciphering patterns and what do all the k2tog, yo etc. mean. Now - I just can't stop knitting! My goal is to design all my shawl by myself, inventing new ways of matching different patterns.

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