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Jericho, NY, United States

Quick Blurb

MagicByLeah - where fantasy and magic come to life in polymer clay. Handmade sculptures of fairies, elves, babies, animals...


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Skills and Techniques

I enjoy working on a really small scale and have recently begun sculpting caricature versions of people and animals from photographs. The best sculpting tools are my hands though I do employ a range of unique tools including sewing needles, pen barrels,a pasta machine (roller) toothpicks and some handmade clay tools

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Get to Know

I am often accused of living in my own little world (fantasy world) I don't deny it, in fact I am proud of it. Having a magical retreat is a good way to deal with the events that pop up in life making it easier to accept rather than stress over the little things. Crafting, especially sculpting in polymer clay allows me to bring my fantasy to your reality.

I joined the Navy reserves while in college and have earned a biology and chemistry degree while serving my country on weekends. I spent a year on deployment in the Middle East in support of OIF/OEF.

I am a private educator by day helping high school and college students prepare for careers in the medical field by helping them master the required sciences and prepare for standardized exams such as MCATs, DATs and more

I can't pull myself away from my crafting hobby though, and once the students are gone my study table converts into my art studio and the sculpting magic begins.

I sculpt with a variety of polymer clays including Sculpey, Premo, and Fimo. All my work is 100% hand sculpted down to the finest detail. I really enjoy working on a tiny scale. I sculpt my larger pieces over strong foil/wire armatures and bake my pieces to manufacture directions. I leave my sculpts in the oven for slow even cooling to increase their everlasting durability.
I am always looking for new ideas and inspirations and will happily take custom orders turning your fantasy ideas into magical sculpts.

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    Cap'n My adorable Congo African Grey Parrot

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    Memorial Day on ABOT, Iraq Al Basrah Oil Terminal -OIF/OEF 2101