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Comer, Ga, United States

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Hello, My name is Meghan! I make crochet jewelry. It is a very fine and delicate process. I very much enjoy the challenge of


Crocheting, jewelry making, painting, organic gardening, horseback riding, reading and writing.

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My name is Meghan I am 27 years old and have been married to my wonderful husband Michael since 2002.
I live out in the country in North East Ga.
My husband and I live on a little under an acre of land with our 3 dogs, 2 cats, and chickens. We also have 2 horses that we keep on my Moms property across the street.
I am very interested in sustainable living and organic gardening.
I grew up with horses and have always been in the outdoors. I love to be outside gardening riding horses or just curled up on the front porch with a good book.
My love of crocheting comes from my family on both sides. My Aunt Janey (on my fathers side) who is no longer with us first taught me about crocheting and first got me interested in it when I was very young. I made my first afghan around 12 or 13. My Grandmother(on my Moms side) also crochets and gifts a beautiful afghan to all the girls in her family when they are married. Its alway the same pattern so its nice we all have her signature throw:)
Iv made mostly baby blankets and scarves. I have a very bad habit of not finishing things so I started thinking about smaller progects.
My Mom started using wire and beads to make decorations for her house and as gifts. I really wanted to make something to wear but I wanted it to be different in someway.
I got the idea one day about crocheting jewelry and discovered I wasn\'t alone. After doing some research I started making my own jewelry. All my designs are my own and I thoroughly enjoy coming up with ideas.
I love being able to wear my art. Other people in my family make jewelry and we love to trade. I love wearing something that someone you know made or you made yourself. I think it come from my love of living a sustainable lifestyle. Also when someone says \"Oh I love that necklace\" Its nice to be able to say \" Well thank you I made it\" Or \"Thank you my aunt makes these\"
Iv always been entrepreneurial so the next logical step for me was getting my art out there for others to enjoy. Iv done well at local arts and crafts shows and festivals but with the economy the way it is now I wanted to go online, Thats what brings me here:)
Thank you for taking an interest in me and my art:)