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Clifton, Az, United States

Quick Blurb

I love being a "green" photographer! An opportunity to see something in a brand new way makes for a wonderful day ! :)


photography, digital, eco, earth friendly, upcycling, joy, optimism, humor, black & white, painting, gifts, recycling, children, family, love, home, desert, landscape, ocean, surfing, carpe diem, volunteer, pets, friends, cooking, homeschooling, graphics

Skills and Techniques

digital processing, post processing, watercolor, painting, acrylic, handcoloring, photojournalist, natural light

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Get to Know

Greetings, nice to "meet" you!
Thank you for looking at my bio page!
My name is Megzy Tred, I'm a wife, mom, friend, daughter, sister... I'm getting good at the balancing act of life and every new person I meet is a new opportunity to see life in a different way.
Perspective is everything, and photography offers a way to capture that second inbetween moments and keep it as a memory, a place to explore in your imagination, or a bottled bit of laughter good for a gray day.

I am chiefly a digital photographer, choosing to print as little as possible in an effort to stay green, or eco friendly. Being earth friendly is important to me. I'd rather sell the digital file to someone who can have it printed exactly to their specification and maybe save them some money in the process rather then printing and reprinting to please someone's personal taste but wasting chemicals, paper, and most of all.. time, which is my chief precious resource!

I'm a homeschooling, volunteering, skirt wearing, funky shoe loving, sock adorer, quirky but nice, interesting photographer. And I also must be a hopeless optimist because I just know one day someone will see the potential in buying the digital print and creating their own custom artwork!

:) Smile! It's good facial exercise and really annoys the grumpy people of this world! :)