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Perry, Iowa, United States

Quick Blurb

My name is Melissa and I do a little bit of everything, sewing, baking, knitting, painting, jewelry, etc.


knitting, sewing, quilting, woodworking, painting, baking, jelly, tea, herbs, vintage light fixtures, vintage plates, vintage furniture, vintage jewelry, making jewelry, Trading Spaces, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Habitat for Humanity, gardening

Skills and Techniques

Knitting both on looms and with needles, Sewing by hand and machine sewing on several different machines. Using a serger. Baking cookies, bread, cakes, etc. from scratch and decorating cakes and cookies with various colors of butter cream icing. Making jewelry. Woodworking and painting wood and Birdhouse gourds. Wood carving and making dream catchers. Genealogy research. Making and hot water bath canning several different kind of jelly.

Get to Know

My name is Melissa Hodne. I have a business called Melissa's Creations. I have been doing craft projects, sewing, cooking and baking since I was a child. In 2011, I got a Sales Tax ID and decided to make a business out of my skills. I started with jellies made from hand picked grapes, peaches and apples grown on my family's land and cooked and canned by me. I also have some Jalapeno Pepper Jelly available now since I am waiting for this year's fruit harvest to make more fruit jelly.

My family has a strong German heritage and I am trying to keep that alive in the cookies I bake. I have my paternal Great Grandmother's recipes for Sugar Cookies and Peppernuts. The Germans calls them Pfeffernüsse, which means the same. Both the sugar cookies and the Pfeffernüsse are a hard cookie, meant to be dipped in coffee when eaten. I have also started to make Spritz Cookies or Spritzegebäck, which are a light buttery cookie with Almond flavoring and also of German origin.

My most recent project was to make several cloth Wine Bottle Holders. They are all pictured in my photos. I have been slowly teaching myself to knit the past few years and have so far only conquered hats and scarves, but I am building up an inventory of hats and a few scarves. I have been learning new techniques with knitting and am trying to make things from patterns now, whether they are patterns that I have made up in the past as I went or new patterns that I am trying out from books and websites. I also make up custom patterns, usually for Halloween Costumes that are either entirely my design or modified from a different pattern. I have recently begun to make jewelry and am using some old beads and buttons that were given to me by my grandmother and some new stuff that I bought. Both my daughter and I are allergic to Nickel, so I try to make sure that the ear wires and necklace clasps that I use are Nickel-Free. I do have some that have clasps that I am not sure if they contain Nickel or not and will include that in the description. I also currently have some birdhouse gourds that I have painted available. My latest project is re-purposing old clothes (mainly jeans) into bags; knapsacks, purses and the like.