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Sharpsville, Pa, United States

Quick Blurb

Metal Petalz ~ A Unique Boutique!

Please feel free to contact me with questions or requests.


Turning vintage items into current treasures - at a REASONABLE price...

Skills and Techniques

Beading, wire wrapping, UpCycling

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Get to Know

I ADORE making jewelry either from scratch or from the vintage bits & pieces I pick up here and there.... You will never see the same thing twice in my shop - and that's how I plan on keeping it :)

My "real job" is that of a therapist, but I have been making jewelry and collecting vintage clothes / purses / jewelry since Jr. High, in high school the movie Pretty in Pink pretty much ruined me to ever buying an outfit or jewelry off of a mannequin...

So this is where I share my found and created treasures ~ If you see something here you like - but it is not QUITE what you were looking for - let me know - custom pieces are one of my absolute favorite items to make.

Happy Day! Jenn

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    Always searching for fun buttons the can be repurposed...

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    Charm bracelets that are only limited by your imagination.

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    Boutique Chic ~ every once in a while the random vintage killer bag will show up for sale...

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    My cat Sammy. Because he is awesome.