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Beijing, Beijing, China

Quick Blurb

Great variaty of soap moldï¼OEcake moldï¼OEcandle mold.Welcome to the world of mold.


Dear all customers,we are a soap mold supplier based in China and it is our pleasure to serve you here online. Great to know you through this wonderful marketplace for so many amazing handmade products.

We aimed to soap mold,cake mold candle mo

Skills and Techniques

the material is silicone,the highest temperature can be as high as 392F to 572F (200â,,? to 300â,,?),we can use them to make soap,candle,make.
It is a very interested thing.

Get to Know

We come from China and we used to supply cake molds and soap molds. Now we discovered this online hand-made world and we'd love to serve you as many good products as we have.

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