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Decatur, Illinois, United States

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Mommy Tyme bath and gifts started as a few fragrant soaps I was selling on ebay and exploded into so much more... I spend 3/4


crochet, jewelry, bath, body, skin care, fragrance, essential oils

Skills and Techniques

Crochet, jewelry making, bath and body creations

Get to Know

My name is Valerie Poling, and I am the owner and creator of Mommy Tyme Bath and Gifts! This business started out when I received a handmade soap for a gift a few years back! I fell in love the quality, the long lasting fragrance, the way my skin felt afterwards, and just the general idea of handmade craftsmanship. I spent the next few weeks purchasing every book I could find on the subject, how-to's, where to buy products and ingredients, how the process works, and more. I then jumped in head first. With a slight investment I was able to purchase the ingredients in bulk, and the necessary equipment.

In the meantime I found every resource and book I could on Herbs, Essential oils, natural ingredients and started to lean towards creating a line of more natural products. Essential oils have so many benefits and have been around for centuries because of their healing powers.

As my bath line grew, so did my interests in other techniques and crafts such as jewelry making and crochet. So, again, I expanded. Now I am happy to say I have a well rounded line of one of akind products that everyone can enjoy!

As a mom of a four year old, a working woman, and a full time grad student, I know that cost and time management are critical to everyone. I have tried to create easy to use and affordable products that will be cherished.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at