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Welcome to Morgaine-du-Mer's Studio! Archival Giclee Art Prints of my Original Paintings,ACEOs and Original ACEOs.


fantasy art, dark art, Halloween, mermaids, faeries, elves, vampires, witches, wizards, full moon, magic, magick

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~Morgaine du Mer of MagickMermaid Studio~ Welcome to my Magickal Realm! As a child I could usually be found with my nose in a book, endlessly daydreaming of far-off places, times gone by and enchanted kingdoms. The seaside has always been especially enchanting to me. I enjoyed imagining my own fantasy world then. Now I live in it and paint it! An eclectic bunch of characters routinely frolic through my imagination. From the magickal and metaphysical to nature, gnomes, bats, and crows; I never know what I'll be painting next! Sometimes I start out with an idea, only to have the main character completely change his or her mind before appearing on the paper.;) I am a self-taught artist working in the mediums of pen and ink, acrylics and watercolours. The original paintings from which I produce the prints take many hours to complete. All artwork is hand-drawn, inked and painted individually; nothing is computer-generated. I use state-of-the art equipment to create a high-resolution print that is as close to the original as possible. Each print is made by me on Archival (acid-free) Matte paper with Archival Inks (lightfastness rated at over 100 years if displayed indoors under glass). Seven colours of ink are sprayed simultaneously onto the paper creating a dazzling array of hues. Known as Giclee, this is a more expensive process than laser and basic ink jet printing. The detail is sharp and the colours are vivid. Mats and backboards are acid-free. Each print is signed. My home is smoke-free. So if you are you as enchanted as I am by beings who are unseen by most and imagined by many, If you have ever walked along the seashore and out of the corner of your eye seen a mermaid flip her tail before disappearing beneath the waves, Tread lightly in the forest and caught a glimpse of elfin magick beneath a cluster of mushrooms, Maybe you ambled through a shady glen and became enveloped by the glimmer of faerie light left behind, Or danced at midnight under a full moon and heard an ethereal whisper beckoning you to look beyond the mist, Then come and meet those who dwell in mystical realms... Some Comments from my Lovely Customers: I love your prints. The mermaids are sensational and your woman with the crystal ball is amazing. Your Greenman is positively superb in person. The depth and detail you can't see on the comp screen is amazing!!! Another stunner! You have a real feel for Poe's characters. Multiple kudus on this one. The print arrived today, it really is wonderful - even better than I expected!! I am so excited to have this print, it is absolutely gorgeous! Much better color and more detailed than I could see on the website! Amazing work, just amazing - a real treasure. My prints arrived today and I am thrilled. I have three now and they will all be hung together in my studio.I thank you and love your work. I highly recommend this artist/seller, she is wonderful! Stunning artist!! Beautiful piece!! Smooth, fast transaction and shipping! I LOVE this print!!!! Will keep an eye on future works!!!

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