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Smithtown, New York, United States

Quick Blurb

I love to create. I also love seeing what others create


Writing, Jewlery making, Scrapbooking, Card making,

Skills and Techniques

Aside being busy with crafts I spend alot of time with my grandson. He is the sunshine and inspiration in my life.

I also educate people on a healthy way of changing their enviroment. Protecting children from common everyday products that contain toxins that most people are unaware of.

Get to Know

I Love to create things and watch them take form. I have always been into crafts from the time I can remember. I do not limit myself to just one form of creativity, but I leave my mind open to enjoy many aspects of inspiration. I love to see what other people create and enjoy seeing their many talents. I was born and raised in New York, livivng in Brooklyn first then as a child moving to Long Island. There was always some sort of crafting going on in our house as a child. I have a sister who is a talented artist and another who is a great cook, but we all are involved in some form of art. I started to design and make my own jewelry when I couldn't find what I wanted I didn't wnat to just settle for what was out there. I purchased a handmade item and loved it and just knowing that it wasn't punched out from a machine made it all the more special. I like the idea of someone using their imagination and creative talents and taking something from mind to matter. I also like to write short stories, I enjoy reading, family, photography, animals and sharing.

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