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Blanco, Texas, United States

Quick Blurb

At NaturasArt-Shop1 I aim to share Visual and Fiber Art Productions (including Fashion Accessories) co-created with Nature.


Fashion Accessories, Clothing Accessories, Fiber Art Fashions, Handmade Fashion Accessories, Hand Dyed, Crocheted, Beaded, Serti Silk Painting, Pastel Drawings, Visual Art, Watercolors, Wildflowers, Wildflower Pastel Drawings, Vegetable Pastel Drawings

Skills and Techniques

My Visual Art Skills include Drawing and Painting with a specialization in color. Pastels and Watercolors have been my mediums recently. I try and paint out of the color and use breathing tones and shape gestures in my drawings.
Fiber Art Techniques that I use are Creative Crocheting, Serti Silk Painting, Beading, Sewing, Hand Dyeing that includes Shibori, Tie Dye and Stenciling with Dye. I have also used such techniques such as Discharging Dyes and Stenciling with Paint and Oil Paint S

Get to Know

I am Maureen N. Bester, MA, ATR and the owner of Natura's Art and NaturasArt - Shop1. My background is in Art Education and Art Therapy and I am a Certified Art Educator and a Registered Art Therapist. My studio areas have been Painting and Fiber Arts. In graduate school I sought to prove that crochet could become a fine art by exploring Creative Crochet. Natura's Art is my teaching, wellness and studio creations all together. On Art Fire I have created NaturasArt - Shop1 to sell my Visual and Fiber Art Productions. Edit

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