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Quick Blurb

Sometimes I call myself "Jeweler & Enamelist." Other times it's "Illustrator Who Works in Silver, Copper, & Molten Glass.


Enameling, Coppersmithing, silversmithing, carved acrylic, hair combs, hair pins, Art Nouveau

Skills and Techniques

Limoges, champeleve, cloisonne, forging, anticlastic raising, foldforming, carving

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Get to Know

Hi! My name is Elizabeth and I am a jeweler and enamelist. Other words that I sometimes use to fill in "I am a(n)_______." are "creative", "bibliophille", "native Texan", "current Seattleite", "cat-lover", and "very curious person" (in more than one sense). I'm also the very first graduate of the Jewelry & Metals Certificate program at North Seattle Community College.

I love the feel of metal moving under my hammer, and I LOVE working with enamel and watching the powder turn to glass during firing. I've been making jewelry for 15 years and my favorite element to work with is color, from all the autumn shades copper goes through as it heat patinas to the rainbow pallette of glass in enamels and beads. I draw inspiration from everywhere, but the older or more natural the source, the more I'm drawn to it. Favorite sources include illuminated manuscripts, medieval tapestries and ironwork, Celtic knotwork, Art Nouveau everything, and shapes or patterns I notice just walking around. I try to infuse elements of whimsy and fantasy into my work, from coloring a flower a little unusually to (in the Different Worlds series) creating whole new planets. To me, imagination is the most important element of design.

Bio Photo Gallery

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    Part of the process: torch-firing an ivy leaf. This is where the glass powder melts.

  • NightshadeRoseStudio's Photo Gallery

    Studio: My enameling station and the board with all of my color samples.

  • NightshadeRoseStudio's Photo Gallery

    "Spirit of Fire" The first piece in my current Elemental Spirits series of enamel illustrations. Prints and note cards of this should be available soon.

  • NightshadeRoseStudio's Photo Gallery

    Original "creature of air" cloisonne hand mirror. One of my more awesome accomplishments, and my first larger-scale enamel illustration.