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Observing and the world around us has led us to share with you our unique creations: International clothing and Photo cards!


jacquard trim, other trim, ethnic clothing, international clothing,historic costumes, photography, nature, beading, doll-making, doll clothes, knitting

Skills and Techniques

sewing, designing, beadwork, doll-making, photography, crafting, knitting, fine art, design,

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Get to Know

When our family discovered the Duquesne University Tamburitzans, it was love at first sight! Having been involved in a folk dance group as a pre-schooler, Les Mariniers de Granby, Nikola was always interested in other countries, including their culture, languages, costumes, music and dance. Her musical interests grew, inspiring her to learn piano, clarinet and violin, and many hours were spent listening to classical music. When she met the Tammies, however, a whole new world was opened up to her, and the interest became a passion! She and her family began studying the countries whose music and culture the Tamburitzans expressed, and the family was soon learning and teaching the folk dances to younger siblings and friends. And the costumes....! A Polish costume for one sister, and a Serbian one, a Transylvanian one for another, a Ukrainian outfit... It was addictive. Out of this sprouted another interest...little girls' dresses inspired by international folk costumes! And the artistic flair does not end there! Homemade dolls (sometimes in ethnic costume); beaded chokers and bracelets; loomed beaded bracelets based on folk trim; rubber stamps created from original artwork;and knitted cotton dishcloths comprise some of the inventory of NONPAREILS DESIGNS. Last, but not least, we offer lovely photo cards with quality images on original sponge-painted cards. From flowers to frogs to insects to scenery...there is something for everyone!

Bio Photo Gallery

  • NonpareilsDesigns' Photo Gallery

    La Petite Ukraine dress- for sale in our shop

  • NonpareilsDesigns' Photo Gallery

    A little girls dream: A scintillating princess dress! I made this gown based on a picture from Chasing Fireflies for my little sister's princess birthday.

  • NonpareilsDesigns' Photo Gallery

    Our family's collection of homemade Waldorf-style dolls, each dressed in a little homemade folk costume!

  • NonpareilsDesigns' Photo Gallery

    A favourite Ukrainian costume made for the little girls!