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Phoenix, Az, United States

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I'm in a cube Monday through Friday, 8 to 5... this is my outlet.

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Prior to receiving my sewing machine as a gift in 2008, the extent of my sewing experience could be summed up by my 9th grade Home Economics teacher (if I can find the elephant pillow I made, I will post a picture).

It took me at least an hour to thread the machine, but then I hit the ground running. The best way to learn is to just do it; trial and error. I purchased countless sewing books and patterns and managed a produce a few well made items (and a few not so well). Lucky for me, my brother and his wife had a baby the next year which provided many opportunities to test brand new baby products. All items listed as Tristan Approved have been tested by him and his mom.

Prior to learning to sew, I made jewelry. I truly believe I owe my creative spark to my friend and former roommate Jess that used to bead with me at all hours of the night. I still occasionally make jewelry and hope to reopen that shop someday.

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