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Clifton, AZ, United States

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Welcome! Come & treat yourself to natural colors and scents for your home! Pamper your skin with our all natural lotion bars!


My family, friends, nature, flowers, scent, the Bible, organic gardening, cats, Smallville, Lost, couponing

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My name is Jana, and I have been creating floral potpourris for over 10 years now. I am thrilled to be able to offer them here on Artfire, and also on Etsy! My potpourris are hand crafted using natural ingredients, and as few dyed ingredients as possible so they enhance your decor without overdoing it. The fragrances I use are blends of natural and synthetic oils, and I do use pure essential oils where possible. Please check the item descriptions of each scent to determine what kind of oils were used.

I have become thoroughly addicted to natural spa products such as Sugar Scrubs, Lotion bars, Body Butters, etc. but hate the outrageous prices that some high end stores charge for these items, which are often blended with synthetic ingredients and preservatives using parabens that cause terrible reactions in some of my friends. My answer is to track down natural ingredients and blend them myself, passing on the luxury and savings to you! I use organic ingredients when possible.

I am a stay at home mom. I love gardening and growing things for color and scent, and then finding ways to make them last! I have also dabbled in photography, specializing mostly in butterflies and blossoms. I have recently learned the ways of the local Artisan Fairs here in rural Arizona. I also offer my wares in a local marketplace, and an eBay store co-run by my sister( I hope to grow and expand and continue to find new ways of sharing our Earth's beautiful wonders!

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    I love displaying potpourri in fancy dishes!

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    I am happy to make up custom orders!

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    Pamper yourself or a loved one with a custom gift set!

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    Natural spa quality sugar scrubs nourish and soften your skin!