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Jamestown, TN, United States

Quick Blurb

I love to combine found and bought things in collaboration with nature to cause you to go: "Oh, wow, I'd love to have that!


rag tugs, creating, woodworking, crocheting, wire working, painting

Skills and Techniques

Crocheting, imagination, wireworking, handy with tools

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Get to Know

I am a crafty, innovative retired nurse who now has the time and space to let my creativity go wild. Everything I create is strictly OOAK (one of a kind). I guess I have a short attention span because once one adornment is completed I can't wait to start on the next one. The world is my laboratory and my inspiration, and I love to explore it. Otherwise, I spend time with my two parrots, my garden and my computer. I love to meet and talk with people from all locations and walks of life, so do get in touch if you feel like it. I am a member SRAJD (self representing artists in jewelry design),

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    Ã, I love all the different shades of green here, and the use of pearls with recycled glass.

  • PerfectlyPractical's Photo Gallery

    Ã, Such a fun piece to do with heavy gauge copper and turquoise beads. The elephant did not go with it!

  • PerfectlyPractical's Photo Gallery

    Ã, I just got a new shipment of beads and they were everywhere!

  • PerfectlyPractical's Photo Gallery