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Lexington, SC, United States

Quick Blurb

I'm Tessa, and I love making jewelry, decorative outdoor stuff, and lots of other nifty things. I also love dogs, and making


jewelry, sewing, decoupage, beading, photography, stationary, graphics, dogs, nature, modern

Skills and Techniques

jewelry making, beading, aromatics, sewing, decoupaging

Get to Know

My name is Tessa, and I am just a silly gal that likes to make stuff. I love my dear ol\' husband, as well as my fabulous four-legged children. I have three dogs, and they keep me on my toes at all times. When I\'m not being entertained by the fam, I\'m usually busy making people pretty at a local day spa, where I am employed. I\'ve been a licensed esthetician for over 10 years, and I still love what I do. In the time that I have left over, I make things, lots of things.
I love jewelry, especially earrings, as you will see if you visit my shops. I also love making things for my dogs, things to decorate my outdoor living, and smelly stuff. Good smelly stuff.
I decided to start making all of these things, as well as selling them, so Piper Blue was finally created in December of 2009. Jewelry has been the focus, as of now, but plans to branch out are in the works. Look forward to seeing a finished website, a larger variety of jewelry, decorative outdoor items, candles and aromatics, and a wide array of novelty gifts and silly knick knacks.