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Klamath Falls, Oregon, United States


soap, body products, sugar scrub, lip balms, salt bath, lotion, fragrance, perfume, mineral cosmetics, shadow, colors, mica, bath and body, bath

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Plum Valley Designs is a small home based business. It has evolved over the past 15 years starting with seed beads, thinking "small" would suffice. It has grown to something more than I had ever dreamed! I spend much of my time traveling around to the Saturday Markets, Street Fair's and more because I love to get out and enjoy the atmosphere and visit with customers. I dabble in many mediums, but seem to have found my niche' with the soaps and lotions. I love the beadwork, the fact that any mood can be described with a Pearl or Swarovski crystal , and that I have more semi precious stones than most rock hounds. But my true love is now mixing fragrances, essential oils and creating something that is good for you. I taught myself how to make soap from scratch, from rendering the tallow to having my husband make all my soap molds. There has been a lot of trial and error, but it has all been worth it. For me, this is more than making soap, it is making an extraordinary product for an everyday lifestyle.

So when I am not mixing colors, oils or scrubs I spend time with four kids, a husband and a girl scout troop.

For me, this opportunity is about more than making soap, it is making an extraordinary product for an everyday lifestyle.

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    A seasonal Favorite, Pumpkin Spice

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    Soap sampler set available at holiday shows

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    Wedding favors are always a great way to celebrate!

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    My most popular scrub, Papaya milk and sugar scrub