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Stafford, VA, United States

Quick Blurb

You can find me at www.polkadotOrchid.com


Custom embroidery, Applique, Digitizing, Embroidery, Graphic design, Historical Costuming, Lace jewelry, Lace, Monogramming, Made in America, Made in Virginia, Personalizing, Customization, Stitching logos, Quilts, Redwork, Sewing, Small American business

Skills and Techniques

I run a full-service sewing/embroidery studio to embellish a variety of ready-made & custom-sewn items. I can applique, custom embroider, or monogram anything from a delicate baby garment to a leather jacket back. I also digitize, which is a time consuming process requiring knowledge & skill to master. It involves redrawing each element of a design into specialized software along with technical notes to create a machine embroidery pattern.

Get to Know

My name is Michelle Gates, and I run Polkadot Orchid Embroidery. I have been sewing and embroidering for years. I pride myself on being able to offer my customers choices to get something that is uniquely theirs. For example, I offer over 50 thread colors for monogramming in a number of different fonts and styles, so you can match the colors of your wedding, your home, or your wardrobe. Digitizing allows me to undertake special projects. One of the projects I am proudest of started with a scan of a newborn's footprint. I translated the little boy's exact footprint into embroidery and stitched it on the border of a quilt for his grandmother. _____ I'm often asked why I decided to name my business "Polkadot Orchid". At one time in my life, I had a job cataloging all of the plants in the botany wing of my university's greenhouse. About one sixth of the collection consisted of orchids, and I was amazed at all the different patterns and colors found on these exotic flowers. Later, when I started my sewing and embroidery business, I wanted something that combined the fabric arts with my personal background. I thought back to the flowers that almost looked as though they may have been spotted with polka dots and used that as inspiration for my business name.

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