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Weehawken, NJ, United States

Quick Blurb

Welcome to Poly Charms, custom handmade jewelry designed specifically with polyamory in mind. Every piece is hand crafted, ma


polyamory, nonmonogamy, swinging, love, relationships, friendship, sharing, alternative lifestyle, feminism, lgbt, metaphysical, new age, pagan

Skills and Techniques

precious metal clay firing, wire wrapping, stone setting, gemstone lore

Get to Know

I practice polyamory myself, and have found it alarmingly difficult to find ways for me and the community to express pride in being poly through jewelry, amulets or talismans. Stranger yet, jewelry serves as such a great little token of affection or as a symbol of honor and commitment, and for those of us with so many to love, we lack our own designs. I've been looking for a way to contribute to my fellow polyamorists, and I think I've got just the way to do it! I look forward to serving you and your needs by creating designs that reflect our own sentiments and wishes, both on a broader scale, and even down to individual situations by creating custom pieces to your specifications. Every relationship, situation, and orientation is unique, and I believe the things that symbolize those things should be too.