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Beaverton, OR, United States

Quick Blurb

Live, laugh, love, sing, dance, play. Life is too short not to have fun.


Handcrafts - jewelry, knitting, weaving. Cats (large and small), Oregon, baking, writing and reading, travel, classical music and classic rock and roll.

Skills and Techniques

bead work, jewelry design, beaded jewelry creation, sterling silver wire work, hand weaving, color and texture design

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Get to Know

The Prancing Otter is an alter ego of Peg Silloway, the designer and creator of all the jewelry and handwoven scarves you see here. At an age when some folks are thinking about slowing down, Peg and her husband pulled up stakes and moved across country from Maryland to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. With the move came a return to her art major roots.

In the process of packing for the move, Peg found several treasure troves of glass and semi-precious stone beads that she had collected over the years. And in her grandmother's cedar chest she had dozens of skeins of wool and mohair just waiting to be used. She is entranced by color; she builds jewel tones into much of her jewelry using glass and a variety of stone beads like amethyst, jasper, and lapis, along with sterling silver and gold-filled findings. ("Findings" are the pieces that make up the jewelry - things like ear wires, rings, caps, and pins.)

That love of color shows in her weaving, too. You'll find beautiful combinations of color and texture in each scarf - and some have beads or pearls for that extra special touch.

Why a Prancing Otter? For her work Peg wanted a symbol of fun, playfulness, and that feeling of being a carefree kid on the swings or gliding down the sliding board in the park. She is a fan of all sorts of animals, and otters are some of the most sociable, inquisitive, and fun-loving critters. If otters had the chance, they might well prance with the sheer delight of life!

[Photo of Peg by Twirl Advertising & Design, LLC]

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    Senior Studio Assistant Kira. Likes sunshine, long naps, and chasing shoelace "snakes" around the room. Favorite toy is ball-in-track with catnip-laced scratch pad in the middle.

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    Look for many one-of-a-kind items like these unique cat lover's earrings!

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    I love these Waterfall earrings! They are perfect for any day when you just feel like dancing. The greens are my favorite, but the champagne is a close second.

  • PrancingOtter's Photo Gallery

    The Otter that personifies (otterfies?) the sense of fun and play that we strive for every day. He hasn't told us his (her?) name yet, but if you think you know what it is, please let us know. Use the "Contact this seller" link at the bottom of the page.