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Port Huron, Michigan, United States

Quick Blurb

Pure Simplicity Soaps

Old-fashioned, All natural handmade soaps with a modern twist.


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Skills and Techniques

Hot Process soap making is my method of choice in natural soap-making. The soap is made naturally as normal using skin loving oils and butters. Then it is allowed to cool down. Colorant is added as well as fragrance or essential oils, then the soap is poured into molds. After sitting and cooling overnight, the soap is ready to unmold and cut. No curing is required. I do allow a week for my soap to harden just as a preference. I love the texture and properties of my handmade soaps!

Get to Know

Here is a little food for thought...

I think the question that a lot of people ask about handmade soap is, why use it?

Then they try a bar of my soap and never go back!

To answer why, let's analyze what goes into my soaps:

Cocoa butter - Thought to reduce skin dryness and improve elasticity. Makes a wonderful conditioner in a bar of soap.

Olive oil - This ingredient provides nourishment to your skin and is a main staple in our soap.

Castor oil - creates an awesome lather!

Shea butter - High in vitamin and mineral content. Helps condition dry skin.

Coconut oil - A non-greasy oil that is easily absorbed into the skin. Excellent emollient that provides a smooth and silky feel to products. Also helps create a great lather. If too much is used in products your skin can feel dry. That is why I have worked hard to find the perfect balance of oils and butters.

And a few other super-duper veggie fats that your skin will love.

Pure Simplicity Soaps glycerin scrub soaps are made just the same without the detergents commercial bars use that actually strip your skin of the protective oil you need to combat dry flaky skin.

Commercial store bought bars also have little to no glycerin. Removing that is just nuts! Glycerin is naturally occurring and acts as a humectant to draw more moisture to your precious outter layer.

That is just about it. No fillers, no detergents, no sls.

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