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Ingleside, IL, United States

Quick Blurb

Familiar with marbled paper? Well, I marble parrot feathers. Each feather is one of a kind and individually hand done.


raptors, parrots, metal type, japanese and western papermaking, painting and drawing

Skills and Techniques

papermaking~ both Japanese and Western, metal type, marbling paper and parrot feathers, drawing, painting

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Get to Know

I have been an artist most of my life, though for possibly the last half of my life it has become important in a spiritual way.

I was raised on the shores of Lake Michigan and actually my childhood existence was a singular experience. My sister and I were four years apart-our childhood experiences were completely different, and so our personalities.

I observed and lived with the cycles of nature and discovered that would be a lifelong comfort. Making Japanese and Western paper is a reflection of using the materials that mother nature offers us. I also love drawing and painting raptors-I find them completely mysterious and powerful.

When I started working with parrots and realized that people work with parrot feathers and use them for all sorts of creative endeavors, AH HA, IDEA! Except I found no one wanted cockatoo or African grey parrot feathers because they were too boring.

SO.... this became a fun challenge! How to change the ugly duckling into the beautiful swan..... The personality of these parrots are hard to describe to someone who has never owned birds or these particular species of bird. But to put it mildly, their feathers should be the colors of the rainbow if indeed feathers reflect the true nature of these birds. And of course it is a challenge to recycle something that is thrown away (their molted feathers once a year) and reinvent them into something decorative and beautiful.

I own a rescued African Grey Parrot and I have worked with a number of rescued cockatoos. I have owned the same birds for thirty years. Their incredible spirit has affected my life in many ways and I can honestly say that they have pulled me through tough times.

At certain moments, I figured that if they could tolerate captivity--well so could I~ and if we stuck together, we would all find a better place. And we did. So if you buy these wonderful, one of a kind hand marbled feathers you can be assured that creating them was a loving joint effort and that whatever you use them for will be a great success.

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    Romeo! Perfect Christmas Parrot~ helps me on the computer

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    Sylvie looks as if she may like me, but she adores my husband!

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    Back yard~where my husband maintains his sanity and I get my best ideas!

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    My big bird Quill who I have had for 35 years!