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Media, PA, United States

Quick Blurb

Inspired by earth, air, fire and sea to create in beads, metal and fibers.


knitting, beading, crochet, polymer, paint, metals, wire work, yoga, marathons

Skills and Techniques

peyote stitch, painting, color theory, gemstone properties, wire work, instructor, photography, recycled paper bead making, knitting, crocheting

Get to Know

"Not only is it possible to make the matters needful to our daily life works of art, but there is something wrong in the civilisation that does not do this." - William Morris. My inspiration for my pieces often comes from those items or bits left behind by others, or other projects. I find that just like people, every bead, yarn or fabric scrap has a useful purpose. My jewelery designs are informed by my grandmother's advice that a dress needed only "an important piece of jewelery," and my niece's delight in things that shimmer.