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Woodland, WA, United States

Quick Blurb

I am a stay at home mom who decided to make my love of creating into a business! I love creating new things and enjoy seeing


Crocheting, making jewelry, making flowers, canning, baking, crafting, watching movies, hiking, shopping, craft shows,

Skills and Techniques

I crochet, make jewelry (simple jewelry), make fabric flowers. I love creating things I\'m learning how to sew.

Get to Know

I learned to crochet in 2007 with my best friend when we decided we wanted to \"make it ourselves\" instead of purchasing mass produced items. Our love for crocheting grew with each new project until I found that I had a gift for making crocheted gifts and accessories!

Since then I\'ve learned I just love creating things! I am now making jewelry and many other things!

Take a look at my creations and I hope you enjoy what you see. I definitely enjoyed creating them.