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Lake Forest, ca, United States

Quick Blurb

I am originally a hairstylist and am healing from a rattlesnake bite, so I have lots of time now to devote to my fiber crafts


Crafting, reading, adventuring... I love road trips.

Skills and Techniques

I knit, I crochet, I cross stitch, and most other types of crafty things... most anything I can get my hands into :) I especially like soft fibers, so I never make anything that is itchy!

Get to Know

I am originally a hairstylist, but I was bit by a rattlesnake and had to stay home to recover, so to keep my hands busy and head sane I worked on improving my knitting skills and taught myself to crochet. Now I have made a business of it. I actually think that being a hairstylist and knitting/crocheting require the same talents. what made me a great hairstylist makes me great at working with yarn, both are a textile of sorts. I think that my hands were meant to be used to create.
I learned to knit from a friend in 2004 and taught myself to crochet in 2009. When I first learned to knit I felt possessed to make more and more creations, all my money went to yarn and needles and more yarn! Everyone started getting knitted items to birthdays and christmas.
Now I spend my days creating and crafting, I got really interested in Amigurumi this past year and started to make my own designs which I am now selling!! I love to learn new techniques and to challenge myself, so I am always trying something different.
Along with Amigurumis, I made afghans, hats, and handbags. this year be on the lookout for socks, sweaters and the next frontier!