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Akron, Ohio, United States

Quick Blurb

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glass beads, flame working, lamp work, color, jewelry, supplies, glass lampwork, lampwork glass, handmade beads, artisan made glass,

Skills and Techniques

Lamp work beads, wire wrapping, metal work, bead weaving, metal etching.

Get to Know

I love what I do! I am very blessed that I have a family that understands my passion for creating. I have a wonderful husband and two great kids, both in college. Two Australian Shepherds and two cats. They are all very patient with me when I disappear into the dark reaches of the basement, also known as my workshop lol! My spare time is spent creating lamp work beads and making jewelry with a variety of techniques. I am completely incapable of NOT making things and I need something to do with my hands wherever I may be. I hope that you enjoy my beads as much as I enjoyed making them.

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