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Tillamook, OR, United States

Quick Blurb

I love beading and anything to do with beads. I also love to sew, but beading is first. I plan to learn silversmithing next


Right Angle Weave, African Net, Odd count Peyote, Even Count Peyote, Brick, Square, & Lazy Stitches, Spiral, Tubular Peyote, Tubular Brick, Herringbone, Wire wrapping, braided stringing, multiple strands, sewing, neckwarmers, natural materials, beading,

Skills and Techniques

There are many techniques in beaded jewelry making. I have at least an acquaintance with most of them. Among my favorites are the Peyote stitch and Herringbone pattern. Others include: Right Angle Weave, African Net, Odd count Peyote, Even Count Peyote, Brick Stitch, Square Stitch, Lazy Stitch, Spiral, Tubular Peyote, Tubular Brick, and a handful of others I've at least done some sample work of to see how I liked it.

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Get to Know

I started making jewelry when I was about 11 yrs old. My grandmother gave me all of her "junk jewelry" as she called it, and told me to make pretty, new things with it. I was hooked with my first piece. I started sewing when I was 12. My first machine was my great-grandmother's treadle machine, and then Gramma's machine that had been converted to motorized from treadle. I sewed by hand for quite a few years also as I didn't have a machine when the kids were little. A few years later I formed Silverbirch Designs and, as they say, the rest is history.

At heart, I am a healer as well as an artist. This is why I create jewelry with natural materials. I believe in the healing qualities of the stones we share this world with and incorporate those qualities into my work. Please note that I do not diagnose illness. I provide the information and let the client decide what they need. **Please remember also that, (legal stuff), I make no guarantee regarding the metaphysical/healing properties mentioned. Please use common sense and see your doctor if you are ill. Use this in conjunction with professional medicine, not instead of.**

I do beadwork in a variety of different styles, including several methods of native american beadstitching and many styles of stringing. I also sell supplies, which will be listed in my studio soon, and will be learning to create my own glass beads as soon as the glass studio is set up.

I also give classes in beadwork. I've not taught a class online yet, but I'm working up a lesson plan that would work for a live, online class. I think that would be a fun experience for all. :-) It just needs webcams, headsets (or speakers and a microphone), students and a teacher. :-D

I also am a sponsor member of the international organization, SRAJD, Self-Representing Artists in Jewelry Design and a member of the International Jewelry Designers Guild.

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