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Katy, Texas, United States

Quick Blurb

I believe that any item of art that is handmade is greatly superior to anything made by a machine.


Wire Wrapping, Chainmaille

Skills and Techniques

A simple piece of wire is used to make every part of the items presented, with the one exception of the closure device (clasp), although I will hand make these where possible.

Find me online @:… http://www.handmadeartistsshop.c…

Get to Know

Michael Thornton is a jewelry designer from the mid size town of Katy, Texas. His college work was at the University of Houston where his major was English and his minor was Art. He first learned of jewelry construction in an art class consisting of design and building techniques, but he did not pursue the art until many years later. After suffering a heart attack and subsequent triple bypass surgery, he had to slow down his life and find a less stressful occupation. Jewelry construction fit the need for less stress. Michael chose to work with wire as his primary medium, turning a length of wire into a wearable work of art was truly rewarding to him. Michael has been a wire artist for about six years. He works with large gemstones because he found that few wire jewelry designers were willing to deal with faceted stones. Michael sets the stones in simple yet elegant gold or silver wire frames. As for his chainmaille, Michael makes use of Gold, Silver, Copper, and aluminum to create earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, sometimes utilizing thousands of rings to form his silky smooth works of art.

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    Brazilian Quartz in Sterling Silver wire sold in Dec 2010

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    My wife's slice of dinosaur bone (opalized wood) set in 14k Gold Filled wire

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    I am a SRAJD member.

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    I am a Fly fishing instructor as well