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DEFERIET, NY, United States

Quick Blurb

First and foremost, I am a United States soldier and proud of it! I have served as a Sailor in the Navy and now a soldier.


Glass beads, vintage, victorian, mixed media, papercraft, scrapbook, jewelry, swarovski, sewing, embroidery, cross-stitch, woodworking, stamping.

Other interests outside of the craft world: Scuba diving, hiking, camping and MTG (Magic The Gat

Skills and Techniques

papercraft, mixed media, jewelry (costume and fine), glass bead making, stamping, candle-making, crochet, sewing. Big Tim Holtz fan, love his techniques!

Get to Know

This is ME! I have been crafting for over two decades, but mostly as gifts. Thought I would give selling a try, and so here I am! I love to create!

I have crafters ADD. I do not specialize in one area and I believe ALL areas are related. I just got into mixed media and teaching crafts. My daughter is at the age where she can make beautiful things also, she just needs guidance. I will be teaching classes in papercraft and mixed media as soon as I get settled into my new home.

I enjoy learning new crafts and am always seeking new techniques to combine with old ones.

I have been serving my country for over 20 years now, but not yet going to retire. I have served as an MP (military police) and also as a Federal Police Officer.

I have two beautiful children and a loving boyfriend. We live WAAAAAAAAAAAY in upstate NY (30 minutes from Canada!) Nature inspires and renews me and I love this place! I have recently returned from Iraq and appreciate the United States and our freedom. I wish all Americans KNEW how good we have it, even in these hard economical times, we still have more than most. I grew up poor and with mostly hand-me-downs, which may have something to do with my ability to turn trash to treasure! =)