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San Bruno, California, United States

Quick Blurb

Hi! I'm Glen and I make chainmaille jewelry. My niche is wrapping/caging marbles in maille.


chainmaille, mailleing, welding, drums, guitar, singing, rock climbing, organizing stuff, sorting.

Get to Know

Hi! I'm closing down my Artfire shop. :( Sad day! But, times change and life moves on.

I don't know if this blurb on the front page will still exist when my account downgrades to a buyer account... who knows.

If you're seeing this before it goes down, feel free to buy something.

If the stores gone look up Sneath's Chainmaille on Google or something. You'll find me.

Thank you guys for everything!


Bio Photo Gallery

  • Sneath's Photo Gallery

    A 12-sided, 20 marble, bright aluminum sculpture! Next to a 12-sided die, of course.

  • Sneath's Photo Gallery

    Some spiffy new earrings I've been working on. Are they Pacman cherries, or upside-down tulips?!

  • Sneath's Photo Gallery

    About 40% of a scale banner I've been working on for my shop. One heck of a project...

  • Sneath's Photo Gallery

    A marble sun catcher. The marble in the center is from a Ramune soda bottle.