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Albuquerque, NM, United States

Quick Blurb

Should these whimsies touch a chord in your heart, I've done my part.


any form of the creative arts, especially writing, drawing and sewing.

Skills and Techniques

I enjoy sewing and creating life like fruit and vegetables from soft sculpture. I see different fruit in the fabrics I come across and implement them. Or I see a need for sweatbands when I perspire a lot while cleaning house or walking briskly.

Get to Know

I am a retired elementary school teacher who enjoys sewing very much. I don't like sewing clothes so much, as they often don't fit well. But crafts are so easy to sew and easily creative. To create something new that's never been sewn before and see it used, worn, etc. is quite a thrill. I am a mother, grandmother, lifelong learner who is enjoying her 'golden' years living in this lovely city of Austin, TX.