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Hi! My name is Sofia. I'm a Canadian married to a wonderful Japanese man and living in Japan. I have been here to almost 12 y


Japanese pottery, reading, shopping,making my own skin care items.

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In about 2006 my hubby (then boyfriend) and I started an online business here in Japan but it just wasn't going the way I had hoped it would. Part of the problem was that my boyfriend had to do a lot of the work due to language and with his crazy job, he just didn't have the time. My mother started pushing me to sell supplies on Etsy. So, I started FromJapanWithLove on etsy in August 2007.

It was great. So great that when my hubby lost his job in 2008, he didn't have to find another one. Instead he joined me (we closed the Japanese business) on Etsy and we also opened up our own site to sell bento boxes and other things that we couldn't sell on Etsy. Then, in December 2008, I started SouZouCreations on Etsy but didn't start listing until February 2009.

I have always loved making things. I even studied Japanese pottery here for 3 years. My intent with SouZouCreations was really just to have fun, make things and maybe be lucky enough to sell them. I really found that making my rings was a way to take a break from both my job and my business and if they sold....all the better! Well....we started being featured in places like Perez Hilton's fashion blog "cocoperez" among other places and I soon started selling more than I ever thought!

Now I take this a bit more seriously in term of the business side of things while still keeping it fun. I love having people tell me that my rings make them smile!!