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Tulsa, OK, United States

Quick Blurb

A homeschooling, jewelry beading, seashell loving, singing, songwriting, loom knitting, environmentally active wife and mama.


Jewelry making, wire wrapping, beading, loom knitting, crocheting, free hand embroidery, seashell and crystal use, out-of-print and children's illustrated books, writing music, singing and playing multiple instruments, creating beauty, living peace.

Skills and Techniques

I design jewelry and ornaments by inspiration, much the same as wring music. I am still working on refining skills, as it is a continual process. I use the loom for knitting and crochet simple designs. I love to free hand embroider, as it is very much like drawing with the needle. Wire wrapping beaded crosses is the most zen of all my projects, aside from musical work.

Get to Know

I have been blessed with a lovely family of three sons, now nearly all grown up into totally cool and creative young men, and a very companionable and hip husband (remarried)(first was good man as well). I have always loved making my own jewelry, doing beadwork, and writing and playing music. Combine this with a deep love of books, literature and illustration, and dedication to preserve the planet and that is a pretty clear picture of me. I have an small etsy shop, but I am very excited about the possibilities and the format ArtFire offers, and am working on producing more items to sell now that handmade is becoming valued again. I believe it is part of the return to a more authentic life and I am dedicated to working to promote this healthy trend. I am very open to custom requests, so please feel free to inquire about anything that you would like to see. My goal is above all to be present in the moment and infuse my work with the peace that the meditative work affords me.

I work with a non-profit organization to promote safe alternative energy, and I work for peace. I support natural food, farmers' markets, herbal medicine, attachment parenting and holistic family life.

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