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Albany, OR, United States

Quick Blurb

Welcome to Strumpets Delight Your place to find Steampunk, Gothic, Lolita and a bit more for ALL sizes! CUSTOM ORDERS WELCOME


Belly Dance, bellydance, Tribal Fusion, Steampunk, Gothic and Lolita, ATS dance, Circus, Neo-victorian, period costumes, gothic subculture, fetish subculture, recycled, upcycled, repurposed, Corsets, skirts, Victorian, SCA< Pirate, Custom.

Skills and Techniques

I have been sewing most of my life, but in the last 5 years I've started to expand my sewing and have moved forward so far! I am self taught and have come from being unable to read printed patterns to drafting my own from measurements for clients all over the world. I am in my Bliss~
I can create and sew items from photographs, from drawings, from Ideas in your head. I'm not afraid to tell you that I CANT do something. I'm always willing to try something new though!

Find me online @: http://www.strumpetsdelight.etsy…… http://creationsbyangelia.etsy.c…

Get to Know

I have been sewing and creating since I was young~ My mom loved to sew, and tried to teach me all that she could, but as a typical child, I didn't listen. SO, after a few years of not sewing I started teaching myself how to construct clothing and items from designs in my own head. I am completely self taught, and LOVE every min of creation that I do! I started sewing professionally about 5 years ago when I started belly dancing and realized that it was almost impossible to find affordable, high quality costuming that would fit!!! I am a plus size woman, and soon realized that there were many other women (AND MEN) out there who were having the same problems! I sew for ALL sizes, all genders and allot of styles! I love having challenges and making items from others ideas. I have started to branch out from just belly dance costuming, I have delved into corsets, bloomers, period and modified period styles of clothing and costumes. I've been obsessed with the Victorian lifestyle and fashion for as long as I can remember. Wild West and High Class women and not so high class working girls are my favorites! I have the ability to make a 100% period outfit, but prefer to be able to add my own touches or make them a fusion of different styles and ideas to make unique and fun outfits. I will soon be adding fun and playful lingerie to the website~ I believe that no matter what size you are (small or large) you have the right to affordable, high quality, FITTING, costuming and clothing!

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  • StrumpetsDelight's Photo Gallery

    10 yard cotton skirt over Black Peek-A-Boo Bloomers!

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    Hair flowers to match the skirt below~

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    Custom lolita type skirt. Black lace over purple satin! This is a two piece skirt connected at the waistband.