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Bolingbrook, IL, United States

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Hi! Welcome to Suspended Imagination

This is my shop where I sell pendants. I create pendants out of a variety of things and working on other materials. I started by using scrabble tiles and dominoes. I now have a bigger variety to choose from.

If the title doesn't state "you pick bail" the bail is attached already and is on the picture and description. I decided that I would let you pick your bail from now on because some people are picky about their jewelry. (I only wear silver). So you can choose sterling silver or 18k gold plated bails. Some pieces can be beaded and wire wrapped like on some items. I'm doing more experimenting on different looks.

I am a scrapbooker and stamper so my pieces incorporate materials from those hobbies, such as printed paper, rubber stamps, inks, etc.

You can find all of my links to find me on my website I'm on many social networks and have other shops.