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Randolph, ME, United States

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Our handmade sumptuous products have been whipped up fresh in Randolph, Maine by Jes & Jolene!

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Get to Know

We are two friends who have always been interested in natural home and health practices. This past Christmas we decided to make our sumptuous emulsified sugar scrubs as gifts for all of our friends and family and we sent about 100 jars out into the world. The response was overwhelming.... and friends, family and coworkers were begging for more!

Over the past four months we have been blending, stirring, plotting and planning our big reveal! In this time we have sent samples to the beautiful women in our life, and have listened very carefully to what they have to say. We have tried to create products specific to their needs.


~Jessica Moreau-Berry is also the owner of Junque Revival http://www.junquerevival.etsy.com
~She makes jewelry and OOAK art from found and recycled objects. She writes regularly for Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine and has been published in several books.
~Jessica is the creative side of Sweet Mojo Apothecary.


~Jolene Hoch has worked for years as a book-keeper and general "keeping the office organized" kind of gal. In her spare time, she is an avid gardener & loves to fill every vase in her house with fresh flowers. She has also worked with Jessica on many artistic endeavors over the past 15 years.
~Jolene is the brainy side of Sweet Mojo Apothecary.


Both girls work together whipping up new recipes and deciding on new fragrances & products. They create their concoctions in a studio overlooking a beautiful meadow. Together they make fresh batches of product, jar, wrap and ship!



~WILD WING: uplifting citruses blended with calming lavender & neroli.....Tranquil, warm & soothing to the soul.
~KISS OF LOVE: aphrodisiac! woodsy sandalwood blended with passion rose & earthy patchouli.....earthy, sexy & smoldering all wrapped up into one little bottle of love potion.
~JADED SPIRIT: calming lavender blended with delicate neroli, frankinscense & rose deep, rich & sweet, it's truly for the wild at heart
~HAPPY WINGS: rose & violet blended with calming lavender & sweet woodsy scents.....sweet floral notes with a hint of woodsy aura, spread your wings and have a happy day!
~FAIRY LORE: tranquil lavender blended with rose, neroli & exotic ylang ylang.....a romantically floral scent, it's like sitting in an old cottage garden.
~SUNBEAM: radiant sweet orange blended with delicate neroli & smoky vetiver.....uplifting, light & airy, Sunbeam will brighten your day.
~SPICY NATURE: Unisex! calming lavender blended with lime, rosemary & sandalwood.....Great for both guys and gals, this spicy & tranquil scent will make you feel good throughout the day!
~BUTTERFLY GIRL: exotic ylang ylang blended with sweet rose, patchouli & neroli.....this unusually enticing scent will make you feel extraordinary.


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