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Quick Blurb

I love beads, the colours, the weight, the feel of them. This shop is a family project with everyone contributing.


Semi precious beads, Color, Wire, Leather, handmade

Skills and Techniques

Wire wrapping, hammering, leather wrapping

Find me online @:

http://pinterest.com/tbeads/ http://twitter.com/tbeads http://www.facebook.com/TBeadsJe… http://www.artisansintheandes.co…

Get to Know

I love to make jewelry. I make rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings with wire and stone mostly. It amazes me that these basic elements are so beautiful and multidimensional. I especially enjoy the colour, depth, variety and weight of stone. My family has been involved with my shop - providing lots of encouragement. My talented husband takes the pictures and even built a light box to get them just right. My son helps with shipping and contributes ideas towards design. I find designing the most challenging and the most rewarding part of creating the jewelry. I also enjoy learning new skills - although I haven't taken any classes - for me its all trial and error, trying to translate what I see in my mind's eye into a finished piece. Lately I have been working mostly on perfecting spirals and hammering wire. What I love the very most is when something goes wildly different from where I thought it was going and by some miracle it works. My mother gave me a vintage string of black beads that I took apart and made into several pieces that are now in my shop. She was so inspired that she has been buying up all the jewelry at the local thrift shop - and giving them to me! I am not sure what to do with them all... yet. Pro member of Artfire since October, 2010

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