La Pointe, WI, WI, United States

Quick Blurb

I come from world war vintage parents who saved everything and made amazing things from the things they squirreled away. I de


Tinkering, Cobbling, salvage, reusing, repurposing, recycling, found objects, antique, vintage, assemblage, mixed metals, stones,flotsam, jetsam

Skills and Techniques

I think I have a unique \"eye\" when it comes to combining different elements in art and jewelry. My work is old world, yet could be also classified as \"steampunk\" I have always had a somewhat mechanical mind, and have always enjoyed cobbling odd items together to create something new. My parents grew up during the time of world war I and II, and this is what people did back then, when all sorts of resources were in short supply. One \"made do\" with what was on hand.

Get to Know

I enjoy creating art and jewelry using \"tossed and Found\" objects and discarded things. I like the idea of reducing the waste load on the planet rather than adding to it. There is so much that is discarded that is perfectly good as it is, or that could be repurposed in some way, if someone merely took the time. This is what I love to do, and I have gained such a reputation as a repurposer that friends now bring me odds and ends (some that neither of us know what it IS) and challenge me: \"what can you do with THIS?\"

My online shop is nearly sold out. I will begin adding new items in the fall. I am currently selling from a streetside trunk show, and can't keep up with the demand of the online shop and the trunk show.

Please visit my facebook page The Tinkers Wagon to see my current and sold work.