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El Prado, NM, United States

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Thank you for visiting Taos Southwest Jewelry. Here you'll find designer gallery style jewelry at prices we all can afford!

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I have always loved the look, color and feel of jewelry. As a child I would spend hours looking at, trying on and playing with my grandmother's jewelry. When she died she left it to me, and I was thrilled.

Living most of my life in the Southwest, New Mexico, I have developed a love of the people, the culture, and the gemstones of the earth. I currently live in El Prado, New Mexico. It is a small little place between Taos, New Mexico and Arroyo Seco, New Mexico. The land I live on borders the Indian Reservation and the horses belonging to the Natives come up to the fence frequently for apples, and a pat on the head. The sunrise's and sunset's here are the most beautiful in the world!

I believe that having fine jewelry should be something that each woman can enjoy. I don't sell out of a fancy gallery, in Santa Fe, or Taos. I sell my jewelry online. Because of that I don't have the high cost of overhead and can sell my pieces for less money.

Times are tough in this little tourist town. The property I live on backs up to the reservation land. Some of my excellent buys here at Taos Southwest are things offered to me by down on their luck Native Americans. I help them by buying things when they are in need of money to buy things.

In other cases my estate sale jewelry comes from going to estate sales or sometimes garage sales. I am always on the look out for nice pieces.

A lot of my jewelry comes from a friend of mine who sales one of a kind finds. She and I have similar tastes so she supplies a lot of my unique pieces.

Please take your time and browse my little store as you would a small store on the plaza of Santa Fe or Taos, NM.