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Quick Blurb

An artist, a freelance writer, and often times called Ms. McGuyver, no material within my reach is safe from being manipulate


polymer clay, metals, resin, jewelry, wall art, fossils, steampunk, gothic, victorian, fantasy, contemporary, fringe, wearable art, mixed media, recycle, upcycle

Skills and Techniques

Sculpting, drawing, jewelry design, sewing, fiber arts

Get to Know

Born in sunny, but banal southern California, Sage began moving around at the age of 20. During that first 5 years she moved 18 times through three states and 9 cities. She managed to complete her Art degree at CSU Long Beach with honors and her series of color studies being cataloged in the Univerity museum, before the wanderlust took complete hold of her. Her stint in the rugged, open lands of New Mexico, the lush hills and cultured urban areas of Northern California as well as many, many miles on the open road all over this great country as well as Canada and Mexico greatly influences her imagery. She holds a special penchant for the colors and flora of the deserts and arid plains where she suspects the recurring tendrils, shimmering mineral shades, and sharp shapes in her work are rooted.

Her wanderlust was only halted by the desire to return to school for one more degree, this time in Creative Writing. Writing was actually Sage's first passion, or at least the one most recognized. She completed her first book at age nine which garnered enough attention to get a teacher to contact a publication company. Alas, our shy little girl, remembering a tramatic experience in the second grade where her first art award resulted in her realistic stuffed rabbit being taken from her to go off and tour the state for months, adamantly refused to let her book be sent off to some big, scary, important people who might never return it. The idea of copies had not yet been explained to her.

Her fear of big, scary, important people may have thwarted early fame and fortune but instead Sage struggled through, and mostly enjoyed, a series of interesting jobs, extensive writing work and intermittent but well received forays into funcitonal art designing and selling jewelry and clothing. It wasn't until 17 years out of art school that she was introduced to polymers. It was like coming home.

Unfortunately, after two years and a series of debilitating and mysterious ailments, Sage discovered she had developed a sensitivity to the chemicals used in the clays and resins she now worked with full time. Because of this, Sage stepped away from further pursuing her art career and returned full-time to writing.

Now Sage is back to balancing art and writing and is managing to make something akin to a living off of them. A new publication company, In Real Life Books and the advent of a new magazine "The Polymer Arts" are presently in the works.

And if you have any questions for Sage, about Sage, or about her techniques, she loves to talk shop. Just write her or catch 'The Sage Arts' on Facebook or Twitter.