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Austin, Texas, United States

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For The Strangest People


Weird, vintage, antique, old, macabre, books, prints, ephemera, collectibles, kitsch, humor, strange, thrift, medical, natural history, wildlife, animals, botany, spooky, anatomy, gothic, history

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Armed with a fascination and passion for all things vintage and strange, I bring you items that have piqued my interest made me think, this MUST be shared.

I spend hours scouring thrift, vintage and antique stores here in Austin, Texas as well as in my travels to bring you only the strangest and most interesting things that I find.

I've been selling online for about 3 years now, with an impeccable record for customer service and quality. Now I'm here to share my finds with the Artfire Community.

Thanks so much for stopping by, please let me know if you have any questions or special requests. I have many resources that I'm more than happy to employ to help you find that perfect bit of strange.