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Parma Heights, Ohio, United States

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Welcome! My shop is an eclectic collection of jewelry, jewelry kits, vintage goods, and collage supplies. Please browse!


graphics, digital stamps, jewelry, beading, SCA, RenFaire, gemstones, paper crafting, card making, ATC, art history, baking, collage, writing, history, Christianity, Catholicism, knitting, Ravelry, geek, Dr Who, kits, crafts

Skills and Techniques

strung beadwork, beading, wire work, research, graphics modification, sewing, miniatures, miniature design, jewelry design, general crafting, card making, collage, knitting

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Get to Know

I am a SAHM ('stay at home mom') of 4 fantastic kids, whose job and passion (besides my family) is Tidbits Trinkets. I have always had a passion for creating things - from my kids' Halloween costumes to baked treats to handmade gifts for the holidays. I am very visual, and love color and old vintage images. (I enjoy old 'classic' movies also!) What began as a way to keep myself busy while watching my then-4-year-old son with (then undiagnosed)ADHD has evolved into a full-fledged business. I started Tidbits in 2004 as 'Tidbits Handmade Miniatures'; but when I expanded into mixed media / collage art supplies and jewelry, I felt a name change was in order to better reflect the diversity of my offerings. First came collage sheets, then interesting papers and found objects, and then jewelry. All of my work is 100% no-questions-asked return policy: If you are EVER dissatisfied with anything I have sold you, please feel free to contact me for a repair, replacement, or refund. No questions asked. If I don't feel I can stand behind an item, I don't sell it. Period. All of the images on my digital stamps and collage sheets are from public domain / no use restriction sources. You can freely use them on any project - virtual and non-virtual alike. I have found them, assembled them, cleaned them up, and/or turned them into digital stamps. When you buy a collage sheet or a stamp, what you are paying for is the time I took to find and prepare them. After that, you are free to do as you wish with the individual graphics. I want my artist and artisan customers to be free to create their artwork without having to worry about usage guidelines and copyrights. All of my finished jewelry is handmade by myself, and each necklace is unique. I sometimes make repeats of earrings but never of necklaces or circlets. My miniature 'soft goods' (pillows, rugs, bed covers, etc.) are handmade by me. I take pride in my work, and will gladly make a custom order if I can get the materials needed to do it! My jewelry kits are designed so that even a child can do them - frustration is no fun! I will admit though, that most of my buyers are 'kids' over the age of 21! Please feel free to browse my shop and message me with ANY questions.

Bio Photo Gallery

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    A choker necklace with coin accents and matching earrings that I made and sold last year.

  • TidbitsTrinkets' Photo Gallery

    Beaded hair sticks! I embellish plain wooden hair sticks with an endless variety of gemstones, glass, and charms.

  • TidbitsTrinkets' Photo Gallery

    My youngest as a Cyberman from the BBC show 'Dr. Who'. (His brother was a Dalek.) It was making this costume that gave me the silver hands you see in my bio picture!