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Grantham, NH, United States

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    The view from the workshop window at my old house. The workshop now is in a small room without such a fantastic a view. (I get more done, when I'm in there, now!)

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    Inventory of large and small parts. Many of these are fabricated to specifications and purchased in bulk. My largest order is usually the minimum my metal shops will offer. The powdercoating is done for me by a local commercial shop as well.

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    This is my photo booth. The lamps on the sides have 3 each of 100W equivalent CFLs. The clamp lamps hanging off the ceiling grid each have a 300W equivalent CFL. (There's nothing COMPACT about that - they really are something to behold - the tubular part is almost the size of a quart mason jar!)

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    Here's my "spray booth" such as it is, for spraying pendulums and hands when I need other than stock colors. This is a shower curtain hanging from the ceiling grid with a table below. It's not vented - I open the door to the shop and blow as much of the heat out as I can stand without cringing and then close up and try not to think about the remaining fumes. There's an upgrade in my future, hopefully to a powdercoating system.