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Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Quick Blurb

I'm moving everything over to my Beadcomber Shop...see you there! :)


I have too many interests, lol

Skills and Techniques

Polymer Clay: Innovator, Inventor and Teacher of several techniques.

Bead and Wire work, Bead weaving and embroidery, Sewing, Knitting, Crocheting...

Find me online @:

http://beadcomber.ca http://beadcomber.com http://facebook.com/beadcomber http://www.flickr.com/photos/tin…

Get to Know

Welcome to my corner on ArtFire. I'm probably better-known under my pseudonym Artist name 'Beadcomber'. You can find this shop here http://beadcomber.artfire.com where I successfully sell my tutorials, molds and stencils, along with west coast inspired beads, cabochons and supplies.

In this shop you find my jewelry that is inspired by the tranquility & beauty of the rugged west coast beaches.

My husband and partner Bill is a Resin Artist and carver of Wooly Mammoth Tusk ivory and we often combine our pieces.

I've been working with polymer clay, beadwork and wire for more than 20 years and consider myself a master Artisan.

My work and tutorials have been published in magazines and my Jewelry and handmade supplies have been sold to every Continent on this Planet. I've also sold my work to a Actors, Musicians and Theatrical Productions.

All of my beads are made from quality, properly cured clay. Depending on the bead, they are hand formed, sanded, drilled, buffed, varnished or otherwise worked on, here in my lovely studio on the West Coast.

In relation to my craft, I developed a few innovative techniques for polymer clay, including the Batik & Shimmer technique (a batik effect on clay with shimmery inclusions and resin application) and an innovative crackling technique achieved with easily accessible materials.

The theme I primarily work in is Beach, Ocean and Sea, with the occasional floral, forest and nature theme thrown in when the inspired muse sends me off to make them.

My home and studio are smoke free.

I am fluent in two languages, German and English, which can be helpful at times.

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