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San Diego, CA, United States

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Watches by Helen is all about beaded watches and earrings! I make time beautiful to wear.I use stones and glass to do this.


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I primarily make watches but love to dabble in other jewelry too. I make earrings to go with my watches also. I love to listen to see how I am guided to make each one different from the others. I hope you like what you see. Please remember your watch will not be exactly like the one you see in my shop because it will be custom made to fit you. After you receive one of my watches you will wonder how you could have lived without one of them. lol br/


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    This is an adorable, beaded silver watch that has purple window glass beads with violet, swarovski crystal beads. These beads are further highlighted by charlotte cut purple seed beads. There's an easy-to-fasten magnetic clasp to fasten the watch.

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    These are lovely, faceted, red Picasso (colored at the ends) and antique brass, beaded,glass earrings. The red beads are 6mm and dangle just 1/2 inch from the bottom of the drop on the ear wires. The picasso beads are accented by brass colored seed beads. These earrings can be dressed up to go with a nice evening outfit or down to go with your everyday jeans.

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    Faceted amethyst is very rare and it makes this watch one of a kind. The facets of the amethyst stone and the crystals of the Swarovskies glitter in the sunlight. This watch has a classy feel to it and it is very dramatic. It is perfect for a night out. The stones and crystal have a relaxed feel to it, not stiff like some of my other watches. It will drape on your wrist. It measures just over 7 inches. You can get it ready made or I can custom make it to fit your size.

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    This watch has a rustic feel to it. Almost antique-like, although it is not an antique. It has long slender beads of African Turquoise. and small beads of bone. African Turquoise is the trade name for a natural jasper that is mined in Africa. Spacer beads of brass. This is really a beautiful watch. This is not a watch that sparkles and is earthy and solid. The Geneva brass watch face is water resistant and the back is stainless steel. The clasp is magnetic.