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Hopkins, MI, United States

Quick Blurb

Art and the Artistic mind will move us forward in this economy. The solutions to our economies dilemma lie in the creative pr


I love to paint subject matter that is Michigan. Michigan is a very historic and naturally diverse place. Kayaking brings me closer to Michigans wonders.There is much to be awed and thankful for in this state.

Skills and Techniques

I paint in both watercolor and oils. Which media I choose is determined by the way I want to portray the subject.Each media has its own characteristics.

Get to Know

Wendy is the sole proprietor of Wendy's Works of art. She has been painting for twenty years Her artistic talent is natural as well as learned.Her expertise come from university art training as well as local artists and mentors.She works from her own photographs and plain aire' (on location) sketches. She is inspired by kayaking and backpacking around Michigan. She enjoys her work and hopes you will too.