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Ward, Colorado, United States

Quick Blurb

We are a mother daughter team high up in the mountains of Colorado that loves naturally dyed exotic luxury fibers & yarns.


spinning, knitting, weaving, natural dyes, plant dyes, exotic fibers, felting, singing, dancing, drumming, unschooling, Waldorf, travel, watercolor painting, hiking & climbing, horseback riding...

Skills and Techniques

natural dyeing, plant dyeing, spinning, knitting, weaving, felting, teaching

Get to Know

Living in an aspen grove on a spring fed meadow high in the rocky mountains of Colorado, my daughter Rose and I work with only natural dyes and the most luscious fibers and yarns.

The long winters and miraculously beautiful summers inspire us. We love soft and so we choose only the most extraordinary fibers we can find ~ mulberry & tussah silks, cashmere, mink, yak, baby camel, BFL, Suri alpaca, buffalo, and qiviut.

Using only plants and other natural dyes, our colors change with seasonal changes in our mountain well, so every dye pot yields a new surprise.

We spin, knit, weave, dye, draw, sew, paint, sing, dance, ride horses, and hike too.

Please enjoy our shop and feel free to contact us at any time with questions!

Happy Creating!