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Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

Quick Blurb

Artist. Dreamer. Designer. Bellydancer. Bookworm. Writer. Procrastinator. Auntie. Wife. Packrat. Empath. Easily Amused.


metalsmithing, metal fabrication, fold-forming, hand forged jewelry, copper, sterling, brass, makeup artistry, pearls, crystals, wire, beads, sterling, metaphysical properties, gemstones, wire wrapping

Skills and Techniques

metalsmithing, forging, beading

Get to Know Anastasia Olson My creative passion began at a very young age. I started drawing before my first birthday, and spent countless hours throughout my childhood filling up sketchbooks and any spare paper on hand. In 2001 my life-long fascination with 'sparkly treasures' took shape in the form of handmade beaded jewellery. In 2009 I enrolled in a makeup artistry program, expanding my talent and knowledge gained from years of experimenting with makeup. In 2011 I began attending part-time metalsmithing classes, which have allowed me to expand into creating metal jewellery.

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    Windsong Jewellery Design anticlastic copper cuff bracelet

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    Windsong Jewellery Design sterling silver chandelier earrings

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    Windsong Jewellery Design fold-formed neck piece

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