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Englewood, CO, United States

Quick Blurb

Items for baby gifts, the kitchen, a cute fabric postcard or embroidery lace.

My newest passion is machine embroider


Fabric, Sewing, Quilting, Baby Towels, Baby washcloths, hanging hand towels, potholders, table runners,Christmas stockings, fabric postcards, wall hangings, shirts, Christmas, birthday, Holidays, Religious, Cross, bookmark, bookmarks, earrings embroidery

Skills and Techniques

Basic non clothing sewing since 1991. Basic quilting since 2005. Basic crafts since 1984. Various techniques used in the making of items sold, from sewing to hot glue.

Get to Know

I became interested in crafts as a young girl, in my teens the interest was crocheting, then in my early 20's it was mostly cross stitching. By my late 20's crocheting and cross stitch became difficult to do due to problems with hands. By that time I had gotten my first used sewing machine and was very interested in learning how to make things. Although I never took any formal sewing lessons, everything I know it has been self-taught and someday I wish to take classes to learn more and maybe take a shot at making easy clothing for myself. This bio will be undated as time allows.

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    Coaster sample with machine embroidery monogram.

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    Hexagon bookmark with monogram & rose. Custom order with your choice of color and monogram letter.